How Many Solar Panels Your Charlotte Home Needs

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The number of solar panels your home needs varies based on a number of factors. Solar energy cannot be applied the same way to different properties. Every home will have a different amount of electricity to reach its owner’s energy goals. A solar expert can easily answer this question for you with an evaluation of your home. They’ll look into all aspects of your home that have a bearing on its energy needs and provide you with an estimate for how many solar panels it will take to power those needs.

If you’re wondering what kind of factors your solar consultant will consider, read our article below.

Your Current Electricity Bills

The most basic approach to understanding your energy needs is by establishing how much electricity you currently use. A solar consultant will look at your current electric bills to see how many watts of energy you use per month and how much you are currently paying for your electricity. This baseline will help determine the number of panels you need to reach your desired energy target.

Shade Levels

A home that experiences mostly sun and a home that experiences more shade will have two completely different productivity levels in terms of solar energy generation. To account for this, a roof that spends some peak sunlight hours in the shade will need more solar panels to capitalize on the light that is available. 

There are ways to combat this need, depending on your situation. If large trees are blocking too much sunlight from your roof, you might consider removing them altogether, because branches that are trimmed can always grow back! This will give you more flexibility with the number of solar panels that you need. 

Your Roof Condition

If your roof is currently in a state of disrepair, it’s unlikely that it will be able to support the addition of a solar array. Before installing solar panels, you’ll need to address the issues with your roof to ensure that your system can be installed properly for maximum durability.

Get An Expert Opinion On Your Solar Potential

If you’re considering adding solar panels to your home but you aren’t sure how many you’ll need, contact your local Pink Energy team today! Our solar experts would be happy to provide you with an evaluation and estimate of what size solar array will fit your home’s needs.